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Unlock Your Potential and let your heart❤️‍🔥 discover infinite possibilities!


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💃What is a Online Guided Insight Discovery Assessment?💃"
Ladies are you seeking insight to what's holding you back and to uncover effective ways to achieve your ultimate goals and desires?

"Corinne has guided and mentored me to more fulfillment and
success in my life than ever before!"

~ Valerie

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Most people get stuck on trying to achieve their goals or find fulfillment in life because they don’t have a solid plan.
They don’t have a plan because they don’t know what exactly to work on and how.
The first step will always be figuring out the whats and hows and gain insights.
Only then, take actionable steps to reach those goals.
That’s the fastest way to ensure success in both personal and professional development.

What Challenges are you Facing?

Do you face challenges in achieving success, both personally and professionally?

Are you currently feeling stuck and uncertain about the next steps in your life?

Perhaps you're lacking the motivation and joy you once had, going through daily routines without that spark?

Have you been looking for a life fulfillment coach that has been through similar struggles as you're going through right now?

Are you searching for a reliable and trustworthy coach to guide you through your transformation journey smoothly?

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What You Get From the Assessment

The guided discovery assessment aims to delve into your skills, traits, and career performance, allowing us to explore and evaluate your potential.

Once we identify your key focus areas, we create manageable tasks for the next 90 days, simplifying your goal achievement and progress tracking.

Through our Guided Self-Assessment session, we aim to uncover and explore your potential, empowering you to..."

  • ​Pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses based on your current situation (They will have an impact on your progress towards your goal, directly or indirectly)
  • ​Dive deep into your mindset and beliefs that are keeping you stuck from reaching your full potential
  • ​Introduce a thinking framework that'll help you make better decisions and bring you one step closer to your goal
  • ​Identify any past trauma and find ways to heal them without forcing or hurting yourself so you can make space for better things to come
  • ​Discover new ways of thinking that’ll bring about ideas and inspiration for personal and professional growth
  • ​Navigate through your self-talk and how you feel about yourself (Improved self-confidence will speed up your personal development)
  • ​Analyze and work on relationships that don’t serve you well in your journey of self-improvement
  • ​Examine your goals for personal growth and come up with a solid plan of action for the next 90 days

Eager to skip the challenges? 

Stop struggling through navigating the maze of success on your own—unlock the proven pathways with a comprehensive understanding of how it’s done in just an hour or two. Invest in yourself and gain clear guidance to effortlessly turn your aspirations into actionable plans and make your goals a reality!

Meet your LifeStyle Fulfillment Coach

Corinne Berry

Certified Mindset, Health and Lifestyle Coach, ICC 
Addiction Specialist

Tampa, Florida.

Corinne is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs and professionals by assisting them in identifying the obstacles preventing them from reaching their full potential. Her approach involves creating a nurturing and secure environment for clients to explore their challenges, allowing them to uncover their personal motivations for change. Through insightful discussions and exploration, Corinne guides her clients towards gaining profound insights and implements actionable steps during coaching sessions to drive tangible progress. Her focus lies in not just identifying barriers but also in catalyzing transformative change, fostering growth, and helping clients achieve their goals.

Through her personalized approach, Corinne provides clarity, guidance, and uplifting support. She empowers her clients to embrace their fullest potential, bridging the gap between their current position and their desired future through mindset, manifestation, and meditation. By pinpointing areas for growth, setting goals, ensuring accountability, and implementing actionable steps, clients emerge fulfilled and motivated, reaping the benefits in their future endeavors

Your Transformation Starts here

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Self-limiting beliefs

Mindset is crucial. Overcoming self-limiting beliefs is the key to unlocking our potential for change. The sole obstacle hindering us is the reluctance to embrace change itself. Once that barrier is overcome, transformation becomes inevitable, paving the way for a life-altering shift.

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The Power of Action

Growth materializes when actions are taken. Let's first define your goals and devise a plan that accommodates purposeful and actionable steps tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

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The Impact of Habits on Lifestyle

Your daily routine on autopilot holds significant importance. Aligning your habits with your life aspirations is key to reaching your destination. Your habits not only shape your lifestyle but also serve as guiding markers towards your life goals.

Experience Success with Corinne!

 Personalized & Customized

This is not a generic coaching session, the assessment and strategy plan is customized to you personally.

 Privacy Guaranteed

You will be provided a private, safe environment, with Anonymity as our priority for all our clients. Privacy is guaranteed.

 Busy? Not a Problem

We do not want anyone to miss this opportunity and are happy to accomodate clients with hectic schedules.

Get Your Customized Discovery Self-Assessment with Corinne For Just $20! (A Heartfelt 80% Valentine's Discount!)

 Corinne's Guided Discovery Assessment
4 Added Bonuses You'll Love

 Comprehensive Guided   Discovery Assessment

Uncover the barriers hindering your progress and identify the essential adaptations and adjustments needed.

(1 hour 1:1 private zoom session with Corinne)

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⭐️ONLY⭐️ $20.00


 Goal-Setting & Strategy

Collaborate on creating a plan to attain your 90-day objectives, setting the stage for reaching those goals and beyond.

(Plan created in Zoom session with 90 day action steps)


  $800 (Value)

 FREE 30-minute Follow Up   Call with Corinne

Private follow up call with Corinne for discussion, experiences, achievements, and insights gained.

(90 day progress and next action step discussion)

  SPECIAL    ADDED      BONUS      from       CORINNE!

 ($500) (Value)



TODAY ONLY...$20.00 (Price Discounted from $200!

Your Personalized Assessment
+ FREE E-book!

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100% Honest Testimonials

Words from previous Clients

"I have made more progress with Corinne in the past 5 months than I have made with years of therapy"

Corinne is an outstanding coach. I deeply value the time we have spent together and the progress she has helped me make in my life. Corinne was able to assess and offer viewpoints of my situation quickly. She has seen the best in me and helps me build a plan to showcase my strengths all while teaching me how to manage areas of opportunity. Corinne is truly one-of-a-kind and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an intuitive, sincere, and deeply passionate coach.

- Katherine

" Corinne has taught me how to have a voice in my life."

When I first thought about asking Corinne to help with my endeavors in my life, I was already aware of all she’s accomplished in her life and thought I can learn from this person. I was drawn to her poise and up-standing and honorable character, including the time she makes for herself and her family to have a life outside of work! Just a few traits I saw which were admirable.

- Allison

"With Corinne, I have someone who is dedicated and understanding even though we come from very different paths"

Working with Corinne, I found someone dedicated and understanding, coming from a path very different to my own. Her advice from career choices to relationships to children to rebuilding personal discipline has been invaluable in helping me create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I'm thankful for this opportunity to learn from her and am striving to drive positive change in my life.

- Adrianna

Frequently Asked Questions

 What's next after the assessment?

You can take whatever was being discussed and apply them to your situation. If you'd like to work closely with Corinne, kindly bring it up during the session.

 How do I know if this is for me?

Do You Have Dreams You Have Been Struggling to Reach? Don’t Miss Out On This Opportunity!
Take Charge of Your Future and Get the Professional Guidance
You Need with Corinne!

With Every Step You Take Towards Professional Coaching, You’re One Step Closer to Achieving Your Goals. Take the Leap Now and Let Corinne Guide You on Your Journey to Success!

 Can I try out a coaching session with Corinne?

YES! Take the Leap Now and Let Corinne Help You Achieve Your Dreams!
Start on the Path to Success Now with One session!
(All sessions will be held in a secure
and private virtual space.)

Is Coaching an Investment worth considering?


Coaching is an investment in your personal growth and success!

It's an opportunity to leverage guidance and expertise to accelerate your progress and achieve your desired goals effectively.


 What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept credit/debit cards and PayPal. If you need assistance with submitting payment please feel free to email us:

 When can I start?

Start Your Growth and Success Today!
 There's no better time to schedule your one-on-one session. Make the most of your investment in yourself and get the results you deserve! 

 What timezone are the calls?

Schedule your one-on-one session today and make the most of your investment in your growth and success! The time scheduled will be in your local timezone and this information will be displayed on the calendar and on your confirmation email.

 Do you accept refund requests?

Senseworth Advisors, Inc. does not accept refund requests for any services contracted under this agreement. Be dedicated to achieving your goals and make the most of your investment in your own growth and development!

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